Our new building services

So far our order book has brought us to be involved for the construction of 3 main different types of assets: Self-installed Platforms,Dive Support Vessels and Accommodation Barges.

Self-installed Platforms

8+ Platforms already installed

In certain parts of the world where production is done in shallow waters, this new concept of Self-installed Platform, designed in conjunction with some of our principles, is a cost-efficient alternative for marginal field operators with an accelerated delivery schedule.


With 8 platforms already installed by our clients, we continue to see a growing need for this new type of structure and, in parallel, continue to adapt and improve the newest designs in order to enhance client returns.


Diving Support Vessels

Adapted to a specific environment

Going “back-to-the-basics” has been our “motto” for this type of construction. Once again, we have dedicated a lot of time and effort to build shallow water Diving Support Vessels (DSVs). Adapting an asset to a specific environment has permitted our clients to eliminate certain “bells and whistles” of the mainstream DSVs and have perfectly adapted support tools. This “reversed creativity” has permitted us to enter a niche Shallow Draft Market, offering the perfect tool our clients were previously missing.

Accommodation Barges

Efficient solutions

In view of our success with the DSVs, we decided to push the exercise toward dedicated barges having both accommodation and Dive Support virtues. With our continuous focus on cost control, this new concept is also gaining momentum with our shallow draft operating clients.