Every day, getting you closer to “turnkey solutions”

With our experience growing and our continuous “out of the box” thinking, we have, over the years, widened the scope of our activity in order to offer more and more “turnkey solutions”.

As a direct consequence of this approach, we are now offering extra services, such as assisting our clients for: international heavy asset transportation services, dry dock services and installation services. This permits us to be active in the whole cycle of a project and maintain consistency and continuity.

Transportation services

Deliver at your door step and assist with the installation

Once a product is delivered, our clients usually have to transport the asset to a final location. This location can be a port or an offshore location.
We have developed some close ties with an exclusive partner permitting us to not only construct/modify/upgrade a unit, but also deliver it at their door step and assist in the installation. Our view is that our clients should be concentrating on what they do best and our job is to simplify their challenges by offering amongst other, this extra service.


Dry-docking services

Lifelong maintenance of your assets

Why only on delivering assets and services when we can accompany you in the life span of your investment? If we know how to build….we know how to maintain. We can use the same infrastructures to periodically assist in Dry Dockings on continuous improvement on your infrastructures.

With our docking services, we offer to be a long-term partner and assist in maintaining your production tools all through their life.