YARD 1 compressed


5 years after launching Dixstone jack-ups conversion activities in the Netherlands, Dixstone is strengthening its strategic positioning in the North Sea with the purchase in December 2023 of the Yard in Vlissingen, close to the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp.


The purchased concession, with an area of approximately 5 hectares, includes the following facilities: 28,000m² of warehouses, 175m of quay, offices for project teams, and manufacturing workshops for some of our contractors; cutting shed and welding assembly of structures, precision machine tools, and sandblasting-painting booths.


After a busy 2023 with the delivery of two major projects; Tchendo 2 (Ex-Carrus), and Mopu-C (Ex-Colga), this tool in 2024 will facilitate: delivery of KOMBI2 platform (Ex-Caturix), preparatory works on GLANIS and MAGNACUS for future MOPU conversion, refurbishment, and upgrades of 4 SOLAR Turbines mobile units, and support to Petrodec decommissioning activities.


In line with our environmental values, Dixstone has obtained an operating permit from the regional implementation service (Zeeland-RUD) to cover our industrial activities and comply with European and local standards including but not limited to land use planning, environment, energy and waste management, emissions control and the protection of nature and biodiversity.

The next goal for 2024/2025 will be to show compliance with international recognized standards ISO 9001 (Quality), 14001 (Environment), 45001 (Safety).