Dixstone Sustainability

Our commitment


Our work environment can be challenged on all the qualifications of HSE. Our commitment to HSE is in our view critical to the well-being of our collaborators and a tool to optimize productivity. Indeed, not only do we believe that optimal HSE is the way to go, we also have noticed that it can be a productivity enhancer and a noticeable cost saving. We put people in a safe and secure environment and benefit from it on all other fronts.


Our team


The health of our teams is critical for long-term productivity. We strive to make sure the men and women boarding our assets, participating in our operations or simply visiting our infrastructures are healthy for themselves as well as for their surroundings. The recent COVID-19 outbreak was a perfect test case of our capacities to react in a changing environment by quickly taking new measures to minimize exposure of our collaborators and maintain our production levels.

How we work


Protection of the environment is not just a statement. It is a way of being, it is an overdue investment in future generations. Having a substantial part of our activity linked to Oil & Gas, our challenges are multiplied and as such, we aim to be Best-in-Class. Not only do we focus on respecting and abiding by the regulatory guidelines, we are also firm believers that recycling and re-using can only have a positive impact on the environment. We will think twice before disposing of material, equipment, etc. and always try and optimize upgrades, revamping and re-usage. Why throw or dispose of something that can impact the well-being of the environment, when it can be updated and reused?


Day-to-day Activity


Safety comes logically with our “nobody-gets-hurt” approach and is part of our DNA. The emphasis on proactive observation and reporting of hazards enables a forward-looking approach to working safely in challenging environments.


Paramount to our day-to-day activity is staying focused and avoiding all unsafe activity - however minor the risk may be.


With these values continually in focus, we have seen excellent results and achieved enviable safety statistics.